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Minority Excellence

Ribbon Ceremony at Glen Flora Elementary School whereas Integrity Developers, was the General and utilized over 30% minority participation.
Mayor of Waukegan, Superitendent of school board, President of the board of education, School Pricipal and other dignataries.


Integrity Developers, inc. is proud of its accomplishments and involvements within the minority community. Outside of Integrity Developers, Inc being certified as an 8a, Hubzone, MBE, and DBE contractor, they are well educated, experienced and involved in the minority community.


In addition to Stacy Bullard, President/CEO of Integrity Developers, Inc. having his Bachelor’s in Construction Management and his Master’s Degree in Business, in 2006 Mr. Bullard enrolled and graduated through an eight month aggressively challenging small business and contractors academy construction program thru the Lake County Black Chamber of Commerce.  (Black Chamber of Commerce Aids in "Creating Entrepreneurship")


In 2007, Mr. Bullard started the Association of Minority Contractors of Lake County. He currently serves as the president with the goals of educating, certifying and creating growth and opportunities for minority firms through construction contracting.  

In 2008 Mr. Bullard served as the chairman over the construction and union board for the NAACP. 

In 2009, Mr. Bullard worked closely with the Lake County Black Chamber of Commerce to start a pre-apprentice training academy program for the youth. In this program Mr. Bullard was successfully able to assist the Black Chamber in creating the program course curriculum outline, selecting and training qualified local minority contractors to teach different trade courses, and offering on the job training through each contracting firm. Mr. Bullard also teaches blue print reading at the Black Chamber of Commerce and two community colleges. (CAP Newsletter August 2011)


Integrity Developers, Inc. prides itself in using minority contractors to help stimulate growth. Here are just a few of its accomplishments:

In 2009 Integrity Developers, Inc. worked on the Waukegan Public Library and used over 65% minority participation on the project. (Incubator for Young Minds News Sun November 2008)

In 2010-11 Integrity Developers, Inc. hired and/or subcontracted out over 350 weatherization projects using over 80% minority firms and vendors on these projects. 

In 2012, Integrity Developers, Inc. worked on Air force Boling Base in Washington DC and used 100% minority participation on the project.

In 2013, Integrity Developers, Inc. worked on the Waukegan Public Schools and achieved over 30% minority participation on the project. (District 60 $40M Makeover Ready for First Day of School)


In 2008 Mr. Stacy Bullard of Integrity Developers, Inc. was presented the Wreather L. Osorio Entrepreneur of the Year Award.